Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Perfect Student // a poem

She is stuck behind lined paper,
she never forgets to dot her “i”s,
raises her hand when she knows the answer
and is the best at whatever she tries.
she wakes up early in the morning
for she knows no other way,
writing out her schedule 
that she lives by day to day.
she always gets straight A’s
for they determine her self-esteem.
stays only on the right path
so her record will stay clean.
but life is not a checklist
of generic milestones to pursue,
some things can not be planned for
though she never truly knew
that while living on this earth
she has never really lived,
because grades cannot determine
how much beauty life can give.
For life can not be graded
by the scores given in class
experiences are the only thing
that will forever last.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017

Tread Lightly

tread lightly
near buds that have only begun to bloom
tread lightly
in the silent hours of the broken moon
tread lightly
on fragile hearts that hold little trust inside
tread lightly
on the secrets that people try to hide
tread lightly
in the shadows that grow too comfortable in their shade
tread lightly
where hope foils in the bleeding sun as it fades
tread lightly
in broken places where history still lies thick 
tread lightly
near untamed fire that could never find a wick
tread lightly
near bruised feelings that are carried deep within
tread lightly
on the scars that could never seem to mend
tread lightly
on the fragile things that must be handled with care
tread lightly
near the people who have little hope to share